The restaurant “NoTanSanto” welcomes you to taste the best of the cuisine, the aroma of the food will enchant the visitor with the magic of its delicious flavors.

No Santo Santo has an ample menu with memorable dishes like Llapingachos to the ambateña, Fritada Quiteña, that manages to yield deliciously our palate; In the same way they will wrap the aroma of a loin to the pepper the same that can accompany you with one of our excellent wines.

For lovers of exotic flavors, the Camarón Ceviche can be a delicious entremés and accompany you with a Fish in Seafood sauce, definitely place this Restaurant as a mandatory stop in the Historic Center of Quito.

Let yourself be enveloped pleasantly with the aromas of the foods and desserts, the environments, the music and the friendship that Notansanto offers.


Street OE2-44 y Venezuela

Archbishop Passage Mall, Store 11

Plaza Grande, Quito – Ecuador

Phones: 2284291/ 0988205648