Menestras Del Negro


Menestras del Negro opened its first store located in Roca and Av. 6 de Diciembre in October 1998. Year after year the brand grew considerably, reaching in 2005 eleven stores in two cities in the country (Quito and Guayaquil).

In August 2005, Menestras del Negro became part of the KFC Group. Since then, the brand has grown to 27 locations in 7 cities in the country.

Our food is healthy, grilled, with homemade flavors in all its lines and recipes.

are always innovating, worrying about what their customers want, offering them variety at affordable prices.


Calle OE2-44 y Venezuela

Archbishop Passage Mall, Store 7

Plaza Grande, Quito – Ecuador

Phones: (593 2) 258 0924