Hasta La Vuelta Señor


A place full of history where legend and reality merge to deliver a charming environment, whose corners seem to reflect even the shadow of the religious, who in their long hours of meditation And study, tried to interpret the divine message of the sacred book.

Hasta La Vuelta Señor, a phrase that the priest Almeida pronounced, when he lacked respect for the crucified, he used it as a ladder, to escape from his confinement and to give vent to his bohemian spirit. , In the captivating nights of Quito joy.

Hasta La Vuelta Señor, name of this restaurant of Ecuadorian food, that will give you the unique experience when tasting or dining in a Palace; The Archbishop’s Palace, a 16th century building, whose walls are maintained with the same charm of the colonial city.


Street OE2-44 y Venezuela

Archbishop Passage Mall, 3er Piso

Plaza Grande, Quito – Ecuador

Phones: (593 2) 258 0887

E-mail: reservas@hastalavuelta.com

Website: www.hastalavuelta.com